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3D printed architectural models

2020-09-23T15:13:31+00:00By |News|

3D printed architectural models refer to architectural models, sand table models, landscape models, and miniature models made by 3D printing equipment. For example, the architectural model is one of the indispensable tools in the sales center, and the surrounding situation of the community, planning, transportation, environment, supporting facilities, etc. can be seen clearly on the

Building simulation

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In recent years, the prosperity of the real estate market in various places is obvious to all. Especially with the impact of the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo, real estate in Beijing and Shanghai are extremely hot. At the same time, with the development of cities, new urban areas were expanded, old

Military sandbox

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In military-themed movies and television works, we often see commanders standing in front of a terrain model studying combat plans. According to topographic maps, aerial photographs or on-the-spot topography, the model made of sand, war chess and other materials in a certain proportion is a sand table. The sand table has the characteristics of strong

Sand table classification

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Terrain sand table The terrain model is a way of miniature entities to express the features of the terrain and geomorphology, and reflect the mountains, water bodies, roads and other objects in the model. The main performance is the terrain data, so that people can understand the macroscopic things from the microscopic point of view.

Related learning courses

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Architectural model is an indispensable and important item in architectural design. It is helpful for the scrutiny of design creation, can intuitively reflect the design intent, and make up for the limitations of architectural drawings. It has many years of experience in large-scale projects, coupled with a lot of exercises, to explain profound theories in

Building model making

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The architectural model is a bridge to put architectural ideas into practice. Architectural model making reflects people's feelings between space and architecture, plane and three-dimensional, and is the basic premise of design sketches. Architectural model design will surely inspire beginners and experienced model makers a new and valuable model making ideas. The main contents of

Basic editing of architectural model making

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From theory to practice, if you want to learn how to make an architectural model, you must first understand the basics of architectural model making: 1. The operating basis of the software 3dmax basic interface and basic commands, familiar with the interface settings, shortcut keys editing, which of course includes basic installation and use 2.

Production processedit

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Pre-production planning According to the plan, elevation, effect drawing and model requirements provided by Party A, formulate the model making style. Model quotation budget The budgeter determines the model fee and signs the production service order based on the model scale, material technology and drawing depth. Production organization review The technical staff will check and


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There are many materials for building model making, mainly divided into four categories: (1) Chemicals: quartz glass, sponge, plexiglass, chloroform, paint, UHU glue, A glue, ABS rubber sheet, engineering plastics, synthetic plastic plate, foam board, etc. (2) Plants: wood board, multilayer board, high density board, bamboo strip, cardboard, etc. (3) Lights: LED lights, rice bulbs,