Master Plan Models

The master plan models, giving a focus on architectural scale and space setting between zones, presents the first impression of one urban planning and its design to the visitors.

The miniature city models should comply with what the clients want to present.

For instance, we will make the given urban in detail, such as blocks, landmarks, and key zones that the government values highly to display the grand blueprint of this miniature city planning.

In this case, the scale of the miniature city model is normally from 1:500 to 1:2000.

For real estate investment and sales, property developers more want the master plan model to reflect the region’s relations to its surroundings’ future development, infrastructure, traffic, and facilities etc. by presenting its future urban planning.

Herein, a scale from 1:200-1:500 is often utilized.

Landscape Model

Landscape model incorporates various scenery elements like vegetations, animals, water features, and other hard landscaping such as different kinds of structures and settlements, rocks, wind turbines, etc and specialized topography and landforms.

As a representative work of the natural products, landscape models capture the essence and the natural feeling of the sites.

Lush landscape model making materials and advanced model making techniques are required when making the models. For example, similar to making topographic models, topo laser cutting technology is wildly used to replace the traditional technique in which sheets of material are layered up by hand.

However, in order to emulate every nuance of the landscape design or mimic the natural environment, artisan craftsmanship is still irreplaceable. For instance, when arock faces need to be painted.

In addition, currently there are a lot of companies manufacturing and providing pre-made or semi-finished landscape model components like miniature plants and animals, pavilions and pergolas, revetments and dams, and other customized goods, which helps to reduce the model making time and make the fabrication process easier.

Landscape model can be used as apresentation tool for architectural design companies and real estate developers, and it can also function as educational tools to increase public awareness of protecting the natural environments.

Residential Building Models

Residential building models are effective method to chase the pre-construction approval, building project phasing, design presentation and client approval.

Residential building models can provide the potential housing buyer or investors a good understanding of the design by showing the road and path layout, entrance, building material and the living environment.

Therefore, it is a great tool for the real estate sales office for marketing.

Interior Model

Interior models are essentially a spatial floor plan of an apartment, office, hotel or any structures with various functions.

In general, interior models are fabricated on the basis of interior design concept, sketches or other digital drawings like CAD files.

A high-quality interior model may feature appropriate space layout, befitting color scheme, lighting, well-arranged furniture and even few figures to mimic the scenes of life.

The Lighting system is essential as it can illuminate the entire floor of the interior model and therefore every piece of the interior design elements such as miniature furniture can be showed up.

A combination of different efficient and high-tech model making technologies like laser cutting, stereo lithography, and high-density resin casting, etc can be utilized to create different parts of the interior models according to the level of details required.

1:10 to 1:50 scales are suggested for making the interior models as with these scales, plenty of recognizable interior details can be displayed vividly.

In most cases, the interior model is used in marketing events or displayed in the real estate sales office to attract potential housing buyers and investors, as the viewers can understand what they are going to purchase once looking at the model.

Sometimes, interior models are coupled with the full building architectural model to depict the overall design.

Also, in the early design stage, interior models may be served as a design tool to help the architects or clients to pick the design which suits their personal preference in the real sense.

Office Building Model

Office building models have been widely appreciated by clients, especially for its effective visual impact. Once complete, they accentuate the designs of the building and thus often attract more business opportunities.

Keeping it simple for certain minor details, office building models always emphasize on displaying the office space, surrounding environment and other functional properties of the building and thus presenting an efficient, eco-friendly and well-structured space.

Besides design, sales and marketing purposes, office building models are also widely used by companies as statement centerpieces in the lobby of their headquarter office buildings. These models are usually taller than men height and often create strong eye-catching visual impacts.

With the passion and ambition to always excel, RJ Models has been undertaking office building and landmark architecture model making projects in all regions. Many globally-recognized office building models were created by RJ Models.

Office buildings are becoming more and more integrated nowadays. Thus the usual scale of an office building model is set to 1:150.

Shopping Mall Model aims to demonstrate design, accesses, layout, location, landscape and other aspects of a shopping mall.

The mall, usually being a part of a complex of offices and residential apartments, is the center of the whole piece of land.

To better serve developers’ needs of illustration, the shopping mall model provides a clear picture showing different areas with corresponding functions, such as shopping, food, entertainment and parking.

The surroundings of the mall, including residential zone, green belt, traffic condition and available facilities around the area, are also important factors to be added to reveal the commercial value of the shopping mall.

Shopping mall is increasingly becoming more than a place of consumption.

The architecture turns the building into a landmark, tourist attraction or lifestyle centre.

Excellent design can even motivates people to spend their spare time in and around the shopping mall.

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