The key factors of architectural model making

Many models involve landscapes and landscapes, with static and dynamic water flow, static nature, dynamic business, and simulation. It is not only full of image beauty but also vivid beauty. The basic requirement for model making of landscapes lies in moving, static, and natural, in order to be realistic.


One: Dynamic Waterscape

This kind of dynamic waterscape is more complicated in many waterscapes. This kind of complexity is reflected in many levels, including the raw materials and processing techniques and processes that are all complicated. Of course, when the work is carried out After that, the feeling that it gives to people is bright again. The gurgling water seems to enable people to be in the natural world. The main way of expression is more obvious. The main organizational structure is: the photosensitive film is attached to the plate glass. Produce dynamic wave pattern model production effect.


Two: Static waterscape

This type of waterscape is developed with the help of other props, otherwise the expected effect will not be achieved. The key to the main expression of the wave pattern effect should be established by the built-in lighting, so at this time The warm and cold tones of the internal lighting effects have become the top priority of the waterscape.


Three: Simulated waterscape

Simulated waterscape is the main expression method commonly used in model-made waterscapes. The main method is to pour transparent epoxy resin on wavy glass, which has achieved a delicate effect.