What should be controlled during the production process of the sand table model of the sales department?

The sales department sand table model is a key product of real estate. If there is no sales department sand table model, it is equivalent to no products, no products without buying points, no products without buyers, and no buyers without buying and selling. What is the meaning of such real estate At all? Therefore, the sand table model of the sales department is the most important thing. The editor of this article will talk about what should be controlled during the production process of the sand table model of the sales department.



1. Handy manipulation

The architectural structure is based on the architectural drawings. According to the proportion of reservations, the wall surface of each wall is made by hand or computer engraving machine, and then pieced together. The choice of color and texture is an important part. Exterior wall decoration materials. Model main turbidity model. It is an independent science. In addition, the model and the plant must be harmoniously matched. Although it is only used to show real estate, it must be more decorative and expressive.


2. Freehand standard of environmental landscape

For the environmental landscape, the production should also be carried out according to the specific situation, but the main performance of the green plants and the color of the flowers and plants should be mastered. The key to gardening landscape flowers and trees is freehand brushwork, and the color of potted flowers and plants concentrates on expressing artistic beauty and can be moderately vivid. The key is beauty. In addition, please note that the colors of petals and plants do not have to be too mixed. Many people may make the blooming scene more attractive, but the colors of petals and plants are too complicated, and all sand table models will look messy. Therefore, the color of plants should be set according to certain standards.




3. The key to lighting effects and the basic principles of primary and secondary levels

The effect of lighting fixtures must be clear, and there must be a significant difference between landscape lighting and architectural lighting. The residential area uses warm colors as much as possible, while the background image of evergreen trees uses cold light. Street lights should be unified and laid out according to certain standards. The most critical thing in light spreading is the level of manipulation. There is no need to let it be bright everywhere, because there is no priority.