How to make a realistic architectural model wall?

In the processing technology of the architectural model wall, several copies of the scale drawing or sample paper are used as the basis for making delicate relief patterns or decorative designs. Cut out the proportions of the four side walls as a template, and splice them a little to see if the proportions are appropriate.


Building model


Choose the raw materials for the wall, such as corrugated paper, put the template on it, draw the contour with a pencil, and then cut out or cut out according to the contour. All kinds of paper can be cut or cut. If you want to cut the thermal insulation foam board, you must use a knife. The blade to be pulled out is three or four times thicker than the thermal insulation foam board. When cutting, hold the knife in your hand, the cutting edge should be vertical, the knife and the surface should be selected at 45 degrees, and the blade should be hard.


In this way, the sharp edge can be used reasonably, and the rubber surface is lengthened, causing friction for heating, and the cut insulation foam board is not easy to chip or chip. If you want to use the thermal insulation foam board to copy the arc-shaped roof, in addition to repeating the various key points above, the two boards must be laser cut according to the perspective of the roof.


Building model


Imitate the decoration design and texture of housing construction. When solving the problem, it is advisable to do a thick decorative design first, and then do detailed solutions. When creating a special model, the assembly tool must be discussed and assigned during the work, and the work must be clear and convenient to design layer by layer. Because delicate decorations are mostly embossed patterns, it is advisable to use materials with high ductility, such as paper clay and china clay (china clay must be fired, if the standard is not possible, it can be replaced with clay. The advantage of clay is its own color and defects. It is easy to deform).


For example, on the ridges of the herringbone roofs of ancient Chinese buildings, there are often protruding, tall and complex sculptures. When making it, you should first draw a blueprint and cut out the sample paper, then print out the contour on the clip or glue corrugated paper, and then cut the cardboard. It is not suitable for the application of insulation foam board, because the insulation foam board will be too thick. This approach can only be exterior design, but no detailed sculptures. Group members can use paper clay to make reliefs on the top, stick them with super glue or instant stickers, and proceed after coloring.


Building model


Another example is the Western-style house, the wall decoration design is more beautiful than the new Chinese style, even if the window is usually made of thick stone in front of the window relief. A large number of photocopies of sample paper are required when making, and the assignment of work must be clear. If team members encounter this kind of window grille, they must first cut out all the windows and laces of the sample paper wall, put them on transparencies to draw the contours, and cut out the film to make windows.


Then put the sample paper on the paper card to print out the window guard, and then put it on the transparent film, so that a part with a window is more than half completed. Finally, use the thermal insulation foam board to cut out the sealing glue or rubber sheet, surround the window to create a thick stone effect, and then paste it on with scotch tape or glue, and a transparent window with thick stone edge embossment is roughly done.