What issues should be paid attention to in the landscape production of architectural models?

The architectural model landscape is a very key element in the architectural model. Their ranking can directly affect the effectiveness of the model when displaying information. Therefore, when making architectural models, the production of landscape is very important. Choose different plants based on different building types. How does the bouquet reflect the landscape, and how to match the models to reflect the style characteristics of engineering buildings. What problems must be paid attention to in architectural model landscape production?


Building model


One: proportion

The proportion of housing construction and the proportion of landscape must be appropriate. It embodies the beauty of engineering buildings and the beauty of landscapes. Many inexperienced model production companies are prone to errors in the proportion of engineering buildings and landscapes. Unscientific, and even some physical models look like plants are bigger than houses. This will give customers an unharmonious visual experience. The characteristics of house construction are not beneficial.


Two: lighting effects

The lighting effect on the building model is one of the types that cause the building. For the landscape, lighting effects can make the landscape more beautiful and moving, but attention should also be paid to the application of landscape lighting. In order to make the key and priority clear, the landscape cannot be snatched away by the limelight of housing construction. After all, the physical model focuses on the display of engineering architecture rather than landscape. The lighting effects of the landscape are also very unique. For example, lighting fixtures for roads and street lights are very different from lighting fixtures for water features. The former key is warm, the latter key is cold light.



Three: design style

The design style of ornamental trees should be selected. Different types of houses and buildings should choose different landscape flowers and trees. The selection of landscape flowers and trees should be in line with the artistic style of the house. Only the integration of engineering architecture and landscape can express the characteristics as soon as possible. House construction. For example, if you have a pool-type landscape, you can choose some tropical jungle plants.


Four: Reasonable layout of scenarios

Scenario layout is a key element that reflects the atmosphere of the real estate industry. It is very specific to architectural models. If you want to reflect the commercial atmosphere, you can set up the necessary character models on the city square to reflect the lively scenery of large shopping malls. You can also be in large shopping malls. Certain well-known brand stores are allocated to build a more intuitive business atmosphere. A set of detailed high-quality models is not only exquisite in the engineering building itself, but also the production of the landscape is also very important.