Why make a sand table model?

Over the years, the country’s economic level has improved, the construction of urban areas has become more and more perfect, and the making of sand table models has become an industry and technology. It has played an indispensable role in various construction fields such as buying and selling buildings, urban planning, real estate development, and combat command. Next, I will tell you why you need to make a sand table model?

Building model

First, it is made to meet the needs of real estate developers.

Today’s fiercely competitive market is “created” by marketing planning and advertising planning. The sand table is the main focus and support point in real estate marketing. It has “readability, visual intuitiveness, scientificity, practicality, artistry and load. a lot of information”. It is known as the image agency and fashion sign of “selling quality, selling concept and selling function” of real estate agents.


Second, it is made to meet the needs of the owner to buy a house.

When the owner walks into the sales hall, a sand table model with mountains, waters, and affection can often arouse their endless imagination and interest. The model can easily enhance the communication and emotional communication between the developer and the owner, and stimulate the owner to purchase desire.


Third, combination and artistic needs.

The sand table model is not only a combination of materials, crafts, colors and concepts, but also a veritable plastic art.


Fourth, high-information carrier.

The sand table model is a highly systematic and high-information carrier, which has the basic characteristics of economic information, including the sociality, economy, sharing, diffusion, and flexibility of information.