1.Model maker

As a model maker, you’ll design and make 3D scale models & mock-ups with the help of our high-tech 3D
Printers and machines to show how new buildings or products will look like, and to test new design

Some specific uses of models include (though they are not limited to) the following:

architectural design – scale models of new and existing building designs
product design – models of new products designed for testing before production starts
visual effects design – models used in special effects or to show set designs in TV, film and theatre.

Key Activities:
Your duties can vary depending on your job, but you’re likely to:

Discuss requirements (the brief) with the designer or client
Use Computer-aided design (CAD) to illustrate initial ideas
Make any necessary amendments as a result of further consultation before producing a detailed final model
Use a range of hand, power and machine tools and various 3D Printers to make models
Carry out finishing processes such as hand colouring and spray painting.
You’ll be using a wide range of materials & 3D printers that can produce parts in metal, wood, plastic,
clay, card, resin and plaster to create your models.

If you produce architectural models, you may also model the surrounding area to show how the building
will fit in with its environment.


Minimum 7 years of relevant experience as a model maker
Experience in handling large scaled models for architecture, marine & engineering
CAD / 3D Modeling skills is a plus
Able to read and interpret architectural and engineering drawings

2.Architectural Officer

Job Description

Assist the Project Manager in architectural planning and to co-ordinate and oversee architectural works
progress on the site
Review project specifications, tender clarifications and construction drawings
Liaison with client’s representative, relevant authorities and consultants
Ensure drawings and documentation approval is in place and also compliance with relevant authorities on
architectural specifications
Review and update architectural shop drawings and resolving technical issues
Site supervision and coordination with all sub-contractors, consultants and other trades
Ensure quality in Architectural works and QA/QC
Identify and assess any foreseeable risk arising from the workplace or work processes, minimize
environmental impact associated with the construction activities
Take reasonable practical measures to eliminate any foreseeable risk to any person who is at the
Ensure safe work procedures and environmental control measures are implemented at the work site


Degree in Architectural or its equivalent
Min 3 years experience in Industrial/Commercial, Institutional and or Residential projects
Knowledge and experience in AutoCad and BIM