In which areas does the digital sand table usually show up?

The emergence of the digital sand table has greatly improved the limitations of the traditional sand table and fully demonstrated the characteristics of content information and location analysis. The digital sand table has created a wide variety of data for visitors through new technology, and its delicate interface. According to the industry, the digital sand table is divided into big city planning sand table, real estate digital sand table, national defense sand table, transportation sand table, tourist area sand table, etc. The most commonly used digital sandboxes need to be counted in the following three categories:


Urban and Rural Planning Digital Sand Table

1. Digital sand table of urban and rural planning: The task of urban development and classification is a very troublesome task in itself, and it is even more difficult for ordinary audiences to clearly know the information of urban and rural planning. At this time, the emergence of the digital sand table has dealt with this difficulty. The urban and rural planning digital sand table displays the engineering buildings of the big city and the engineering buildings in the plan through 3D animation technology, and shows the introduction of urban development at a glance.

Real Estate Digital Sand Table

2. Real estate digital sand table: The traditional bounded marketing center has already considered that it cannot meet the requirements of customers. No one wants to stay in a boring marketing center to see what boring modeling is. The competition between the industries was too great. At this time, real estate developers also applied the digital sand table in the real estate industry exhibition hall, and the digital sand table not only assists the interactive communication system, but also allows the audience to see it in person through the three-dimensional visual system transformation of the visual system. The happiest side of the house is displayed in front of the audience, allowing customers to recognize their living indoor environment in advance, and further increase their desire to buy.


Transportation Digital Sand Table

3. Traffic and transportation digital sand table: Traffic conditions are always the most important thing for everyone to watch. The confusing traffic routes and various highway emergencies have caused a lot of inconvenience to the task of commanders of transportation workers. The digital sand table can display all kinds of real-time road conditions in the project department on time. The commander unit can really see the situation on the spot through the digital sand table, and conduct timely and effective visualization of the commander management work