Here at Huacheng model makers, we respect all ways of making. From traditional handcrafted techniques to the latest 3d printing and laser cutting technologies. It all comes down to your project and the purpose of your model. Below are some of the processes and techniques we use to produce your models.



Traditional hand making skills are essential for producing quality models. Our workshop is also equipped with industry standard woodshop machinery, hand tools and power tools. We take pride in our attention to detail, which drives us to create amazing models for you.

We work with a variety of materials – Acrylic, MDF, foam, veneer and timber such as maple, cherry, oak, pear, beech, walnut and plywood.


We use the latest Industry standard laser cutting machines to help build your models. This allows for greater accuracy and quicker construction. Various techniques are used such as engraving and rastering to achieve components at model scale.


From printing whole buildings with FDM technology to high quality SLA printed components, 3d printing is a valuable tool and allows us to expand our approach to model making.