In addition to building architectural and topographic models, HC models as well as providing additional services for our architectural and topographic model clients.

Laser Cutting

We have two flatbed laser cutters and provide laser cutting as a service. We can create the CAD drawings and do the laser cutting from a description a client provides. Or we can take CAD files the client already has and cut from that. Our laser cut materials can then be packaged and sent to you for next day delivery.

Plexi-glass Covers

Plexi-glass covers are almost always priced as part of a scale model proposal. However, we get many requests from new clients to provide plexi-glass covers for their existing models. We can also provide plexi-glass sneeze guards to assist in protecting a very large topo that can’t be covered. If you have a model and need a cover, we can arrange to send our company truck or van to pick up your model, bring it to our shop to custom make a cover and return it to your site. For very large topos, we will come to your site, take measurements and return with the plexi-glass sneeze guards to install.

Model Parts & Trees

We have a tree department where many varieties of scale trees are handmade everyday. Our trees are used on our models, and we also sell the handmade trees to many architecture firms for use on their in-house models. If you have a specific request for a species of tree, just ask and we can custom make them for you. Trees are priced individually and can be packaged and sent to you for next day delivery. We also have a supply of scale cars, and people available.


Wood Shipping Crates. Pedestals & Table Frames

Our wood shop is in constant motion creating the custom foam-lined plywood shipping crates we ship our models in to clients around the world. In addition to plywood crates, our wood worker creates professional hardwood pedestals, bases and table frames. We most often work with oak and birch, but are open to requests for specific woods. Just send us a sample and we can stain the new piece to match.

Tradeshow Displays

HC Models works with several of the leading tradeshow and display companies to create props, and other display pieces to enhance their design. We have an experienced sculptor on staff who has created many things including a 12-foot dinosaur, a 17-foot Price Pfister Faucet and two dragon heads on columns for our display and exhibit clients. We are well equipped to handle the most challenging of display projects.


While we would like to be the only model shop anyone uses, we know there are models out there that were created by other model shops. When those models are in disrepair, we can come in and make them look new. Whether or not the original model was by us, we can match the landscaping, water, hardscape colors, etc and make any needed modifications you request. This is a service we provide in both our architectural model department and the residential topographic model department.


Many of our clients use 3-D scale models for fundraising purposes, or city council and permit meetings. In order to present the proposed building and its amenities to its best, the model may be in a scale too large to make it readily portable. That’s where we can come in. We can come to your site, pick up our model and deliver it to a new location for a presentation or for its permanent home. In addition to the convenience of having us handle it, your model is fully insured during the moving process.


Both topographic and architectural models can look spectacular with lighting. We have several different techniques for lighting models.

Fiberoptics or standard bulbs are used, depending on the application. Lighting can be used from the bottom to light up specific amenities at a time, etc. We provide an A/C current light control panel with separate buttons for each area. We also use fiber optic lighting to light trails, roads, etc.

For scale architectural models, clear windows are frosted on the inside and then lit from the inside with a bulb. Looking at the model, this gives a realistic effect of lights being on inside a home or building.