How to create the soul of the architectural model?

There are many architectural models on the market, and beauty is beautiful but without soul. Such an architectural model lacks a feeling. It is meaningless not only for viewing or for use. The short-term beauty cannot determine the interior of the architectural model. How to create the soul of the construction sand table?


Construction sand table


One: the flexibility of architectural model design

The building is the frame part of the building with built-in drawings. According to a predetermined ratio, each manual engraving machine or computer facade wall is stitched together afterwards. Its color and texture are a key part of the choice. And the real wall decoration material. The model mainly cloud model, it is an independent knowledge, this nascent art form is wise. Sometimes, the appearance and imagination of the facade color model are discriminated on the balcony, but a window of the model will be much better. The model is placed on the chassis, and the matching of green plants complements each other, which is the weakening of the architectural model making art and artistic techniques.


Let me also explain one point. Some companies like to use computer renderings to take photos. This is one-sided, and it is easy to find it. The color of the computer renderings is a continuous light-shadow relationship and changes. The first selected part is only reasonable in the computer renderings analysis. Because the coloring texture in the model is completely different from that in the computer renderings, the principle of the reverse action of light is also different. Regarding this point of reference color, the purpose of computer renderings is mainly to display data through the correlation between colors. The sales aspect depends on the level of mastery of the building structure model maker.




Two: Freehand Principle of Landscape

For the environmental landscape part, the original intention is also based on design. But when expressing the color of tree species and flowers, you should grasp it well. The performance of tree species is mainly freehand, and the color of flowers mainly expresses beauty. For example, the actual garden may be full of flowers of various colors with strong color contrast, such as red, yellow, green, blue, etc., but the actual performance in the model will appear very messy, but not beautiful and unreal. Therefore, the problem of image and non-image between real scene and model scene is itself a contradictory unity of opposites. If the image reaches its limit, it will not look like an image. The core of the problem is to grasp well, accurately display the style characteristics of environmental greening, and take this as the goal.


Three: Primary and secondary optical layering principles

The lighting equipment should be developed according to the characteristics of the scenery. Residential buildings and waterscape lighting can be as warm as possible, and cold light sources are used for the background of evergreen trees; street lights and garden lights should be neatly arranged during the day and arranged according to their own economic laws. Project management should try to use richer colors and more layers to enhance the overall work environment protection atmosphere. It is necessary to keep emphasizing that learning is that the degree of control is very important, and it should not be bright everywhere, causing the surroundings to take away the brilliance of the subject. The background is the background. The protagonist is naturally the protagonist. If there is no choice, there is no focus, and it is not a successful model.



Four: Set off the elegant handicap principle

Handicap refers to the packaging and parts of the final closing, frame, base, glass cover, etc. of the building model. The closing of the case scale, signs, etc. must be appropriate. There is no fixed formula for frame, base, glass cover, etc. The key depends on the scale of the building structure model, the height of the building, the color and style of greening, and the factors of the site.