What raw materials are used for the tree pond flowerbed in the building model production?

Tree ponds and flower beds are the components of environmental landscaping. Although the total area is not large, the solution is appropriate, and it has a good effect on all landscaping landscapes and even the entire sand table model making. Guangzhou Shangjing Entity Model Co., Ltd. stated: There are many raw materials for making tree ponds and flower gardens. Under normal circumstances, green powder, perforated plastic foam, plastic shavings and wood powder are used. What raw materials are used for the tree pond flower garden in the landscape model?


One: Made with green powder

First wipe the bottom of the tree pond and flower bed with lotion or super glue, and then apply greening powder. After sprinkling, lightly press it with your hands. After lightly pressing, the unnecessary part will be removed. Then the tree pond and flower bed will be made. do. It should be emphasized here that the green color should be used as the dominant color, and a small amount of red and yellow powder should be added to make the color feel closer to the expected effect.

2: Made with plastic shavings and wood powder

According to the color of the flower, the color paste dye is used, and then glued in the flower bed, and then the flower bed is glued to the opposite part of the model with natural latex. Model making or decoration companies often use pull saws. When sawing plexiglass panels, especially when sawing red and yellow plexiglass panels, the collection of natural bamboo powder can come in handy. For example, cut a piece of flocking cloth paper, apply foam glue, and sprinkle with red and yellow natural bamboo powder, remove unnecessary part and become a flower garden.


Three: made of perforated plastic foam

The dyed plastic foam block is torn first, and then the glue is deposited, which can only produce tree ponds or flower beds. When the color is mainly expressed, there are usually two forms of expression: so it is produced by the regular movement of a variety of colors; the second is the form of expression is natural dizziness, that is, yellow is slowly converted to green, or from yellow to red A main manifestation of dizziness caused by slow convergence. The other is that the solution to the outer boundary line is very different from the solution with green powder. When using perforated plastic foam to carry out the deposition, the outer boundary line should be naturally resolved into the feeling of unevenness, so that the effect of the solution is more natural and unique.