There are many ways to reveal the power supply in the architectural model

The light in the building model comes from electromagnetic energy. There are many types of electromagnetic energy, such as rechargeable batteries, batteries and solar cells. The power supply in the building model needs to be uploaded…how to choose? The power supply of the building model should be selected according to the characteristics of the physical model itself and the requirements of the design plan. The switching power supply in the building model mainly includes two types: battery and alternating current:


One: battery

A battery is a very simple power supply device in life, including ordinary batteries, batteries, and solar cells.

1. Normal battery: Generally, the battery acceptability is very wide. The single voltage of a single rechargeable battery varies from 1.3-12V, and its application efficiency is judged according to the internal material. Generally, carbon batteries and alkaline batteries have low efficiency and are acceptable It can be used with a small amount of LED diodes or small buzzers, and can be used on models that do not require high LED tubes. The working voltage of a single alkaline battery is 1.5V. When used as a double combination or a quadruple combination, it will obtain a 3V or 6V voltage, which can ensure that 4-8 LED diodes continuously illuminate the lamp for 30-60 minutes. Application Generally, the battery can be trusted, and it can be used normally if there is a slight deviation when measuring the working voltage.

2. Solar cell: Solar cell is a machine equipment that directly converts light energy into electromagnetic energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. It is mainly used to display sand table models outdoors. Solar cells can reasonably reduce the cost of equipment and equipment, and can be used continuously. The solar power lithium battery pack can be independently designed and separated from the sand table model making. The lithium battery pack is laid out outdoors while the sand table model making is still placed in the room. In addition, you can rent rechargeable batteries to customers according to the marketing method of sand table model making, and then look back and use it after the sand table model production is over. The application of solar cells is more flexible and varied, suitable for real estate industry exhibitions or outdoor group displays.

3. Battery (rechargeable lithium battery): This type of rechargeable battery includes lead-acid batteries, nickel-iron rechargeable batteries, nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, etc. The battery has various appearances and a wide range of applications. Its electromagnetic energy has a long-term legal effect. The power supply voltage varies from 1.2 to 36V. The mobile phone battery can be used as a temporary power supply device in the research and conceptual sand table model making. It can be used for continuous battery charging applications. The power supply voltage is usually 3.7~4.5V. The power consumption equipment must be rated when connected. The current is accurately measured. In other words, the battery efficiency is high, and the application working voltage needs to be accurately measured to ensure safe use of electricity and prevent risks caused by too low or too high working voltage.


Two: switching power supply

Alternating current mainly refers to the working voltage and current volume whose size and orientation change regularly over time. The standard frequency requirement of AC current power supply is 50 Hz. The AC current switching power supply can supply power continuously and the voltage is stable. It is mainly used for large-scale display models.