The lighting of the architectural model is indeed beautiful

Lighting will make the architectural model full of vitality, making it infinitely beautiful and romantic. Whether the light is mottled or bright as day, it is the most beautiful enjoyment. Because it is indeed a beautiful sight. Why does the lighting method of the building model have such an effect? Because of the variety of lighting methods. What are the lighting methods of the building model?


One: self-luminous lighting

Install lamps inside to emit light. Often used in real estate. The specific method is to install incandescent lamps in buildings and install LED lamps on both sides of the road and in greening facilities. Strong lighting rendering effect is the main choice for commercial display models.

Two: transmitted light illumination

Transmitted light illumination is to install lamps and lanterns outside to make a projection light form. Used to assist self-luminous. Generally it has the function of supplementary lighting. The specific method is to install the halogen lamp on the ground or hang it on the indoor ceiling.

Three: environmental reflection lighting

Environmental reflection lighting is a form of lighting as a whole in the environment. Once the architectural model is completed, turn to lighting design, and the light will have a beautiful effect on the architectural model. Very soft and romantic. When the indoor ambient light is not obvious, the model is placed with a white wall and a light-colored screen panel. The reflection will become the auxiliary reflection light, which is very ideal.