Architectural model required craftsmanship and materials

Architectural models are very common, their production processes and materials are also diverse, and their requirements are also very strict. It is precisely because of this diversity and rigorous standards that the sales sand table model is perfect.


1. Realistic model

It is made in detail based on the project design renderings, usually detailed design drawings. The engineering building foundation is made of ABS and plexiglass panels. The model garden landscape is based on the new project garden landscape design drawings and is thoroughly realistic. In terms of actual effects, the greening tree The color collocation requirements are extremely high, the texture must be delicately reflected, and the sketches must be added.

Two, solid wood board model

It can avoid the difficulty of adjusting the design plan very well. The solid wood board has a very good level of raw materials, but it cannot clearly express the materials used and the real experience of the project. It is a conceptual expression and has a strong sense of level. It must also be viewed Customers with sex work ability cooperate with each other, and the flaw is that they cannot be fully stated.

Three, imitation wood model

Choose ABS material to demodulate the actual effect of solid wood. When the project design drawings are not sound, but because of market needs or other prerequisites for model exhibitions, the plan can be selected.

Four, acrylic board model

It usually expresses the construction that has already been built, or expresses that the construction is waiting to be built without design drawings. For this reason, it is a supporting role, and the key reflection is to make a realistic model that can tell customers some potential objective facts.

Five, crystal model

The smaller model is suitable for crystal material, the layering is pure and crystalline, it can accurately reflect the high-end feeling of the new project, and it makes a beautiful experience. The crystal defect means that the price is high and it is easy to damage.

Six, regional model

Express the current situation of the small area near the new project, which is very urban. The nearby commercial service facilities and universities, hospital clinics, hotel restaurants and large and medium-sized commercial centers. The service facilities near the project can reflect the corridors of the engineering buildings. The shape design can clearly express the advantages of the new project.

Seven, cork board wall hanging

The expression category is close to half of the city, and the key reflects the road network connection. Wooden raw materials are used, such as cork board, aviation board, wood grain board, or ABS to make the actual effect of the imitation stone layering of the wood. This production design The idea is more suitable for the interior decoration style of European classical sales department.

Eight, glass wall-mounted

Use tempered laminated glass, plexiglass panels, and crystal materials to make the project slightly larger, or copy the design renderings, or lay out the logo of the project. The design concept of this system is more suitable for an exhibition center with a sense of science and technology. .


Nine, relief pattern wall-mounted

Industrial production silicon rubber material is selected, and the surface layer is all hand-carved. The surface layer feels that it can be made into the actual effect of imitating copper, and it can also be made into all other actual effects in imagination. It is more suitable for sales offices or exhibition centers with individualized interior decoration.

10. Office building model

Commercial service offices or hotel restaurants and other characteristic multi-storey buildings. When designing the model, the main expression of the facade must be improved. The actual effect of marble and glass must be accurately reflected. The lighting effect of engineering buildings usually jumps from floor to floor. Use lighting effects to enhance expression.

11. Single-family villas

The villa is made larger to reflect the detailed connection points of the building facade. Two-color tiles can also be expressed, usually occupying a ratio of 1:30 to 1:50, which can reflect the actual details of the private garden of a single-family villa and enhance the sense of space.

12. House model

Describe the actual effect of the hard-covered room in the room, or construct a solid model of the upper and lower floors, taking the lead in the room. It usually accounts for 1:25 structure and 1:30 furniture. There are also luxury hard-covered rooms with higher regulations, with a 1:15 ratio, and the actual effect of adding lighting effects, but the cost is more exciting. There are also solid wood panels and amethyst materials.

13. Making the base

Nowadays, the sales department of real estate companies usually have more luxurious interior decoration, and the model base is also more and more high. Solid wood and natural marble bases are especially common. The choice of raw materials depends on the elements of the interior decoration style of the sales department. It is best to make unified arrangements when designing the sales department.

14. Data Model

It is made of high-tech LED electronic display screen, usually covering the transparent plexiglass board material on the top of the display screen, expressing the road network connection and engineering construction scale, according to the actual effect of light and shadow exchange between the preset animation and the transparent acrylic board raw materials, resulting in fairy tales The actual effect of the general regional model.

Fifteenth, digital sand table

This new form of electronic sand table expression with relatively high project investment, integrated visual and auditory display design composed of physical models, projectors, speakers, and computers, can give people a greater visual impact, and is more suitable for large and medium-sized Choose projects with relatively high project investment.

16. Multimedia system model

The architectural model plus the multimedia system touch all-in-one, speakers and other electronic products, according to the preset mobile phone software of the touch all-in-one, allow participants and the physical model to communicate and communicate with each other.