What are the crafts and procedures for making architectural models?

Architecture model is very common in the real estate industry, and its role is conducive to the operation of real estate. Imagine if there is no architectural model in the real estate industry, there will be no comparison of realization. I don’t know whether the realized house is the same as imagined. Because the building itself is tall and big, you can’t get any useful information just from the angle of looking up. What are the crafts and procedures for making sand table models?


1. Electronic sand table

Three-dimensional distribution maps and agricultural engineering drawings were discussed thoroughly, and the disassembly and assembly department based on the proportion of the drawings and sand table models produced by the Zili distribution to act as electronic sand tables. The table is generally like a billiard table. If it is not a small and medium-sized sand table model, it should be made into several large tables and painted together with PVC boards. The spraying department will set the color to the equivalent of the color paint according to the house engineering drawings. , Sprayed on the opposite PVC board, received the design department to stop hand-carving.

2. Hand-carved house components

The design department designed the structure of the house according to the proportion of the construction drawings, and generated the same failure area on the computer. According to the request of the engineering construction, the design plan worked out the pattern of the walls, the roof tiles, windows, etc., and then sent them to The CNC engraving machine engraved the area of ​​the house on the PVC board and received it from the production department.

Three, build a house

Based on the area of ​​the house sent by the design department, the production department uses chloroform to glue the PVC area into the general exterior design of the house based on the indication and bonding method. The exterior design of the window is simple and hand-carved on the PVC board, and the influence of the fat and transparent organic glass board glued to the outside window is used as the window glass.

Four, playback

According to the table and the three-dimensional distribution plan written by the disassembly and assembly department, the setting department has a reasonable layout on the table. It is posted in Shenyang. The green velvet wallpaper is used as a grassy sky to stick in the green area. Dip the emerald green paint to dry, and cut the growth and development strips to replace the road greening and stick to the small tree area. If there is fire and lake water outside the reasonable layout, you can use a rippling plexiglass panel, spray the lake blue paint on the back, and cut it into a river or lake water design with equivalent influence. If there is a low-lying area, do inorganic glass plates or PVC plates layer by layer of igneous rock and build them into zero shapes, then rub the architectural paint to fill the gaps, and then cover the grass peaks first when drying. Use dark gray negative adhesive paper to glue the maternity line, and use bright red negative adhesive paper to engrave the mother line and glue it to the bottom.

5. Manufacturing spare parts

Manufacture the copper wires and cables of the subordinates, peel off the copper wires, twist the copper wires into the appearance design of tree poles, and spray paint. Sponge is usually dipped in lacquer, broken after drying, and the branches of the tree stalks are dipped in glue, soaked in broken sponge, and dried into a tree. If the grass is green, the sponge can be soaked in green paint, if the tree in the spring, is it soaked in orange paint. The poplar can be twisted into a tree with 0.3mm enameled wire for tree extraction technique, and then the emerald green woolen yarn end is stained on the tree technique. The tree is made by cutting thin fishing lines into thick sections, pinching them with iron clamps, and then pinching two 0.6mm enameled wires and twisting them. Hurry up with the iron clamps, and it will become a tight tree design. The emerald green woolen thread is ready. Other flowers and plants can be made by cutting dried flowers and applying dye. Use a medical cotton swab or wooden stick to dry the lamp. The plastic foam can be hand-carved with a knife head to realize the appearance design of the stone, and spray paint.

The architectural model is similar to the sand table model, and the proportion must be reduced according to the engineering drawings. There is no area for carving, and it is glued with chloroform. In general, it is not placed outside the glass cover, but not under the stage girl.

Six, zero body group opening

The flowers, plants, and houses collected by the production department of the subordinates of the cinema are assigned to the equivalent residences. According to the influence of each house, the disassembly and assembly department cuts holes and removes the large colored lights, so that the physical model of the house can receive light from the outside world, which is like the bad influence of turning on the lights and crosses the road.

The design department hand-carved the original knowledge and white characters of the house and the road, made a small book, and stuck it on the opposite part.