The plan design of model making pays attention to four aspects

The production of the architectural model is designed to rely on the theme of the architectural model to create a clear production plan design. This article briefly explains what the design of the model is emphasized?




1. Overall model and partial model

When designing the main body of each group of architectural models, the key is to grasp the close relationship between the main body of the sand table model making. To grasp the close relationship between the main body, it is necessary to control the material selection, processing technology and manufacturing depth of the main body of the building model from the macro level according to the design style and modeling design of the architectural planning and design. In addition, full consideration should be given to the main body and part of the construction. It can be seen that the main body of each group of architectural model is changed to several points, lines, and planes to make a very different composition. From a partial point of view, the necessary individual differences can be used in the styling design. Only this kind of individual difference is binding on the selection of building model manufacturing and processing technology and raw materials. Therefore, when making and designing the main body of architectural model behavior, it is necessary to fully consider the differences in some parts.


2. The main performance of the effect

When designing the surface design of an engineering building, first put the elevation drawing obtained by the design conception staff to the specific production limit, and then investigate the overall architectural planning and design. In addition, the elevation of smaller buildings and larger buildings should be investigated. Comparing and inspecting the facade, simpler and more intuitive building facade, make appropriate adjustments again. In addition, when performing the construction of the facade of the building, the designer must consider the effect of the wireframe of the floor plan presented by the building facade of the architectural design drawings, and keep the content and methods integrated with each other. In addition, the limits of building model production must be considered.




Three, raw material selection

Raw materials are important for building model making. Sand table model making is to make raw materials for the three sub-categories of paper, plastic and wood and the main body. The different production process of sand table model making is converted into accurate three-dimensional space modeling design. When choosing raw materials for making sand table models, materials are generally selected according to the design style and modeling design of the main body of the engineering building. In addition, when choosing the model design raw materials, it is necessary to refer to various factors such as the proportion of architectural model production, the engineering construction limit and the depth of presentation of architectural model details. Generally speaking, the smaller the relative density of the raw material, the softer the raw material, which is more conducive to the description of the main performance and details of the architectural model.


Four, model color

The color of the building model penetrates very different materials or simulation methods to express the color effect. The color of the building model is very different from the color of the solid line engineering building. In terms of its expression form, there are two ways to express the color of the building model: this is the color that penetrates the material of the engineering building model itself, reflecting a simple and therefore natural Beautiful scenery; the other is to penetrate a variety of architectural paints for top coat paint, triggering color effects.