Our company is a well-known architectural model production company, the company’s service tenet is first-class products, first-class equipment, first-class service, first-class reputation. Here’s an introduction to building model making industry prospects:

Building model engineer is based on the architectural design drawings, looking for the corresponding model materials, using their own understanding of the model, can be the proportion of the drawings are really feedback personnel.

Building model design does not need a large space, on the cultural level, age, gender and other conditions of personnel relatively limited is not many, not all kinds of pollution, is less expensive, more input of urban industry, the promotion of employment, social and economic development role. At present the related professional occupation of domestic colleges, but the Department of architecture in the domestic institutions have related courses, small class.

There are a lot of professional model making companies on the market, most of the models we see are from these companies, and most of the building model makers are working on these modeling companies. There are some people working in various booth decoration companies, design institutes, design companies, designer offices. There are also some architectural model makers who set up their own independent architectural models and design studios.

The city to accelerate the development, there are many places in the city planning and real estate developers, be busy at putting up installations, engineers are using love building model in advance display effect, model design and manufacturing industry must therefore develop rapidly; the low entry barriers so that more people to join the army in building model design.