From theory to practice, if you want to learn how to make an architectural model, you must first understand the basics of architectural model making:
1. The operating basis of the software
3dmax basic interface and basic commands, familiar with the interface settings, shortcut keys editing, which of course includes basic installation and use
2. Building exterior model making
The meaning of auxiliary lines, the ability to operate, simple editing commands, analyze the drawing method of auxiliary lines, and learn how to make (edit and use) according to auxiliary lines
3. Terrain production
Through field investigations to classify the terrain and understand various basic elements, the production of intersections can be completed; the basic composition and general dimensions required by the landscape terrain; the production sequence and production ideas for the difference in terrain height; the general production method of slopes
4. Picture modeling
Make models based on pictures and photos: how to estimate the size according to the picture; how to adjust the camera according to the volume; learn the details
5. Format
Exported by software such as SketchUp rhinoceros to a format that can be imported into max, such as 3ds. obj. fbx. etc.
After importing, 3dmax will make necessary adjustments: save surface area, redo, divide material, etc.