Why Use Models
Models are
an excellent Communication Tool

     An Architectural Model tells a story that everyone can understand and the story starts the second your eyes see the model.  The story may last 15 seconds for an overview, or it may last 30 minutes for the interested viewer.
    The power presentation models possess is the reason why so many models are used effectively in sales and public relations. Some of our models used in these areas are; Caribbean Resort and Casino, Montereau in Warren Woods Retirement Complex, and Oak Tree Country Club and Golf Course.
Each of our scale models is considered a functional work of art, easily recognized by its ingenuity, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.  As communication tools, they echo the elegance of the design and almost come to life with depth and color to 
scale, and carry an impact that can’t be equaled.
      From a detailed scale architectural model project; design concept, colors, surfaces, shapes and scale can be readily understood. A model is a 3-D visual communication tool and the fastest way for lay people to comprehend a project.
Whether the viewer is one person or a group, familiar with the project or a complete stranger; with accurate model information future planning decisions can be “on target” early saving valuable time and money on most any project.
Detailed models created by Architectural Models are primarily used as; permanent public relations and information displays, for preconstruction sales, to show different project phases, for planning future expansions, exhibits, museums and fund raising.

The value of models in construction

Communication Tool
Models also help contractors, engineers, and architects in several different ways. A well-built model is a functional and informative tool designed to answer questions and solve potential problems. Revisions in development and design can be derived from an accurately detailed model.

Project Inspection
     Models may be reviewed by all decision makers before construction begins. If changes or additions are needed on the project, the cost of

those changes are much less before construction begins than during construction. Many times a model pays for itself many times over for this reason.

Design Review
     Plans in the form of a 3D model can be reviewed and

understood even by those who don’t understand blueprints. A model can help people understand a complex project in minutes or even seconds. Time is more a factor in sales today than ever before.

Fund Raising
     When raising funds for a project, people want to see where their money is going and what it will be used for, a model can show that in an easy to follow format.

Project Credibility
     People are use to seeing models on larger projects. When a large project doesn’t have a model to show, project credibility may come into question.

Other Model Uses:

  • Trade Shows
  • Board Rooms
  • Public Display
  • Conventions
  • Preconstruction
  • Advertising
  • Sales Offices
  • Presentations
  • Court Room
  • Public Relations
  • Sales/Leasing
  • Mock Ups