3D printed architectural models refer to architectural models, sand table models, landscape models, and miniature models made by 3D printing equipment. For example, the architectural model is one of the indispensable tools in the sales center, and the surrounding situation of the community, planning, transportation, environment, supporting facilities, etc. can be seen clearly on the model.

In the past, sand table models generally used wood or foam to make scale models. The production process was time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, the integrated 3D printing technology can quickly and accurately transform virtual 3D models into real three-dimensional objects. This makes many people realize the benefits of using this technology to make sand table models. Below we explain why so many architects use 3D printing technology.


1.3D printed models have good surface quality

Nowadays, industrial-grade 3D printers can print architectural models with high precision and good surface quality, unlike the rough pixelation in the past, and the range of materials available for 3D printing models is also very wide. Architects mostly use nylon plastic. , The color of the model is generally gray. If you need color, you need to color it yourself. The 3D printer supports multi-color printing. There is no need to color later, and it can even print models of different materials such as transparent or metal.


2. Reduce the time to make building scale models

Traditional production technology often takes several weeks to make a fine and realistic architectural sand table model. If your design is more complicated, it may even take several months. Using a 3D printer, it can easily produce complex shapes and large quantities. Reduce the time to make a scale model, and the 3D printer can automatically complete the printing. You only need to import the model data into the printer for printing, and then you can handle other things.


3. Better show your architectural model to customers

3D printing allows you to express your design ideas and sketches in three-dimensional reality. A fine scale model allows you to express your unique design ideas to customers intuitively and conveniently.


4. Can easily re-edit the architectural 3D printing model

If the client is not satisfied with your proposal for modification of this design concept, you can modify it during modeling and then reprint it. The control is completely in your hands and you can edit the model more flexibly.