A lot of people are talking about green environmental protection, but whether it is from the current travel or housing above can not reflect the concept of green environmental protection, that specific how to do it? Here’s an introduction:

A, no any infrastructure, so it is suitable for construction in various and complex terrain, the terrain is even worse also can be installed, such as sand, water, forest and mountain, also because the wooden villa volume is relatively small, and the weight is light, so it is more suitable for construction in the transportation condition is not good in the mountain area and islands.

Two, there is in addition on the basis of the advantages of it, there is a more excellent performance, because Henan wooden villa made of wood it is durable and rugged, and is so strong it and cabin design is a very important place is the cabin is very reasonable, but also with the climate and the special properties of heat insulation insulation resistance to ordinary housing with the oh!

The construction of three, the house is very convenient, can be made at any time on the move, because the cabin between different parts are used for connecting bolts, so it is particularly convenient disassembly and assembly, and the construction of the material can be reused at least ninety percent.

Four, wooden villa very long service life, small wooden villa above said chassis is the light steel structure is adopted, so the service life can reach more than fifty years, but need to re decoration, exterior and interior decoration materials for a long time of use and become obsolete but cost is not too high.

Sand table model production process needs a lot of accessories, how to choose good accessories determines the sand table model after the completion of the quality difference;

In our sandbox model production process, we will use the production department to wire copper wire peeling, the copper wire twisted into the shape of the trunk, spray painting. Ordinary sponge impregnation, dry grinding, the trunk branches dipping glue, sponge, made of tree.

If the green tree, the sponge can be dipped green paint, if the autumn trees, orange immersion paint. Willow can be twisted with 0.2mm enameled wire into trunk and branch, and then stick green wool onto branches. The pine tree cuts the rough line into a small section, clamps it with a clip, clamps the two 0.5mm enameled wires together, and loosens the clip. It becomes the shape of the pine tree. It can be trimmed and glued to the ends of green wool. Other flowers can be cut and dyed with dried flowers. Making street lights with medical cotton swabs or toothpicks. The foam plastic can be carved into the shape of the fake stone with the blade, sprayed with paint.