Young children love to play blocks when they are young. This is their earliest participation in the architectural model of scientific and technological production of practical activities, but also has been accompanied by their growth. Simple architectural model activities allow them to improve their ability to understand geometry, space imagination, and the ability to appreciate things. This kind of activity has affected generations.

Building model is the perfect combination of technology and art, so the activity of building model is not only a simple manual activity practice, but also a chance to accumulate scientific knowledge and improve art appreciation. The understanding of history and the understanding of living environment are bound to increase. As young children can accept these things earlier, more conducive to their growth.

Building model making is easy to carry out, which is conducive to better popularity. Suitable for children of all ages, can make use of waste materials in life, through the hands of the children, it will become a beautiful and exquisite building model. They are the embodiment of children’s understanding of life and beauty, and the beginning of the dream of an excellent construction engineer.

Model building activities have been listed as one of the five major categories of youth competition competition model, general goal and task of this activity that is: through the development of model building activities, and improve the ability of the brain to help young people hands, limbs completely developed, play the creative ability of teenagers, popularize knowledge of architecture. Strengthening quality education and training the next generation of all-round development.