1. pre production planning

According to the plan, elevation, effect chart and model requirements provided by Party A, the model making style is worked out.

2. model quotation budget

According to the architectural style, model proportion, material, process and drawing depth, the budget man determines the model charge and makes the service order.

3. to make a joint examination

Technical personnel will check and analyze drawings, determine the model material, processing technology, production schedule and effect requirements.

(1) building process:

Building production division according to the production of construction drawings provided by Party A, the effect on real and beautiful as the principle, fabrication by milling machine, punching machine imported, all the buildings are made of AutoCAD drawing, the new assembly line method carved three-dimensional computer GCC laser engraving machine cutting details, construction engineer by hand, can ensure the quality of the parts and guarantee period. Single building surface material after forming the whole mill processing, spray three ICI imported automobile paint, so the overall construction joints, can use water and alcohol cleaning, and no deformation, the color will never fade.

(2) the process of environmental landscape design and making:

The overall environment will be controlled by our company – Landscape designer. Professional production personnel combined with drawings for design and production, can fully highlight the harmony and unity of human and green and high-grade real estate exquisite. On the basis of the overall plan provided by Party A, the rhythm changes are carried out to form the combination of points, lines and planes. At the same time, the use of simulation trees, sketches, sculpture, laying the German made FALLER brand turf, excellent appearance, will make the whole beautiful and beautiful landscaping.

(3) lighting assembly of building environment:

Lighting system by our Tianjin University photoelectric professional graduates of integrated circuit block programming, control diode or small bulb flashing changes, reflecting the ever-changing night effect of neon lights

4. completion inspection

Quality control department manager and project leader in accordance with drawings, in accordance with our company “quality inspection standard” for detailed inspection and adjustment.

5. party acceptance fine tuning

Business manager and technical director will assist Party A in final acceptance fine tuning.

6. model factory acceptance photos

Professional photographers assist Party A to keep files and make final acceptance.

7. model transportation consignment Service

The company provides professional transportation, trains and aircraft transportation and technical support.

8. model installation and debugging

After sales service staff in the model site debugging, installation and cleaning, to meet the satisfaction of the party after leaving.