Digital sand table includes the following categories: interactive multimedia, digital display, display, Sandbox holographic illusion of stereo imaging this several categories of large screen digital sand table of different categories, uses are not the same, so we try to understand the characteristics of several kinds of digital sand disc:

Multimedia interactive class

Multimedia interactive sandbox is a kind of digital sandbox most application of digital sandbox, including interactive projection, virtual book, wall multi touch interactive, interactive desktop. Visitors can through the physical motion sensing devices at the same time to participate in and control the ground projection; virtual book is produced more refined categories of multimedia interactive sandbox, it is with the projector out of the book to show pictures, images, video, sound and so on, in order to cater to the audience’s reading habits; multi touch interactive wall with the desktop interactive projection is a reason, is mainly to show the project information through walls and desktop induction system, have a good interaction effect.

Two, digital sand table display class

Digital sand table display class is a more common type of digital sand table applications, including three-dimensional virtual digital sand table, multimedia model, screen sand table, multimedia projection sand table, multimedia interactive electronic sand table. Digital sand table display class is that it focuses on the table display, so the display equipment requirements than other sand to be high, such as play equipment, control equipment, demonstration equipment configuration to be high. Digital sand table display class is generally used in Museum, real estate exhibition hall, science museum, exhibition hall and other digital exhibition hall.

Three, large screen display class

The digital sand table of large screen display class mainly includes two, one is multimedia interactive screen, and the other is multimedia ball screen display system. Most of the multimedia interactive screen is used in the exhibition hall, hotel, exhibition, City Planning Museum, museum special exhibition; multimedia ball screen display system using three-dimensional form, combined with a surround sound system, so that visitors can feel the charm of classic digital sandbox from three-dimensional audio-visual, get a highly immersive virtual simulation visual environment that is a lot of traditional flat screen display device can not be compared.

Four, holographic phantom stereo imaging class

Holographic stereo imaging phantom class digital sand table has 360 main degrees and a single 180 degree holographic projection holographic projection, 360 degree holographic projection is usually used to display mobile phone, jewelry, cars and some items, showing the effect of a more comprehensive place, single 180 degree holographic projection application field and 360 degree holographic projection is similar, but in the device is mainly television equipment and 360 degree holographic projection is based on projection equipment. Dubai zoo independent digital sand table.

The type of digital sand table is mainly the above several, no matter which type of digital sand table, has its own unique charm exists.