In the modelling sequence below, it is possible to see thedifferent stages of the design process for the developmentof the form of ARCAM, Amsterdam, by René van Zuuk. Thesculptural shape of the design is evolved through a processof contouring a piece of plasticine from a basic trapezoidalblock to a much more curvaceous and sleek form. This design development illustrates one of the fundamental approachesin architectural design as it is the result of a quest to balancecontextual limitations while pursuing formal inquiry. For moreimages of this project see pages 135 and 142.
1.A basic block is cut from the plasticine
2.The edges of the block have been curved, andthe form has a smoother overall appearance.
3.The form is streamlined even further, andit is possible to see the emergence of alarge aperture or feature as the form is alsochamfered at the front.
4.A refined version of the building’s form, in whichthe front aperture is more developed and themodel has more detail across its surface inorder to describe its appearance.