How to make a realistic residential area model

I have bought a house or have been to the real estate sales center and have seen the real estate building model sand table placed by the service hall management center, which shows the landscaping environment, buildings, entertainment and leisure of all residential quarters. All sand table models are made to give everyone a detailed introduction to the advantages of all residential communities, and the points of purchase. The residential area model is an extension of the single physical model of the engineering building. The operating scale of the residential area varies from tens of thousands of square meters to the large one with a total construction area of ​​hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of square meters. There are also differences in residential areas. The core area and engineering construction methods, so the residential area entity model is the advancement of a single model, and the harmony between the functions of each individual building must be fully considered. Residential district models usually take into account several levels, such as single engineering building, supporting facilities setting, residential district environment, urban square pavement, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, courtyard walls, and district gates.


1: Reasonable layout and zoom

Housing model production usually needs to be scaled to a relative proportion based on the master plan, and then copied on the chassis relative to the boundaries of the residential area, the road network inside and outside the residential area, the parts of the engineering building in the small residential area, trees, paving, etc. , The copied residential district also has an open district system, raised or sunken squares, floor tile mosaic paving, landform slopes, parking spaces entrances, etc. Some residential quarters have pavements on the first floor, and the interior and window displays of the storefronts must be made to create a very lifelike and delicate grandeur.

Two: color solution

In terms of color, the landscaping of residential quarters should be divided into different colors, and the landscaping of the same color will have to be different in different levels to look lifelike. On the other hand, from the greening plants, there are also different levels of street trees, spot trees, hedges, grasslands, and shrubs.


Three: lighting rendering

The lighting effect of residential quarters is an extremely important stage in the actual effect of the intelligent model. In addition to the internal lighting effects, there are also external track spotlights, road street lights, garden lights, floor lights, gallery lights, etc. Lights for thousands of families.