How to choose a good sand table model production company

How to choose a good model company to complete the project model of the company, which is the first time many companies to model problems encountered. If on the Internet as long as the input model of the company, will have a number of N model enterprise in front of you: what’s awesome, model; China model is the earliest and largest company; experience and technical skills, the best model making company; started the earliest, most patent model company; the highest level of domestic. The company specializes in the production of high-grade construction model; XX model, industry leader brand; quality of first-class model company nice words, but a good model of enterprise publicity slogan is so good, in fact there are 70% model of enterprises are small workshop type enterprises, customers it is difficult to choose a model of enterprise quality.

The small workshop model enterprises have the following problems:

1, low price and poor quality of construction materials, use of recycled materials, the environment is not new simple collocation.

2. personnel technical level is low, splicing grinding links rough. Fewer machines and equipment, can not meet the production needs of the model just arrived.

3. material use Jerry building. Adhesives and paint are low quality products, the most basic model quality is not guaranteed.

4 after-sales service is also an important link in the use of model, small workshop model enterprise basic life cycle is shorter. Promised service can not be cashed.

So Hao Sha sand table model recommends that you choose the first model enterprise for your service, we must do the following links

1, visit the model of the enterprise production model and other model enterprises in detail, compare the overall aesthetic degree. As well as the enterprise for which well-known enterprises did sand table model.

2, as far as possible to the enterprise production plant visit, medium scale enterprise production workshop 500-2000 square meters, personnel 30-100 people, equipment 10 sets [laser equipment, carving equipment]. Large scale model enterprise workshop 2000-3000 square meters, 100-200 people, 20-30 equipment (laser equipment, engraving equipment)