Sandbox is property buyers to contact the real estate on the first hand information, priority developers also spared no expense to the packaging market, Beijing in the exhibition industry to remind buyers, only in the sandbox to fully understand and implement every detail before you make the purchase decisions, not only by the developers to easily get away.

A look: real estate sales prices and sand table reflects the quality of the market is balanced?

If the sale price is very low, but the sand do very beautiful, to the attention of buyers! The sand production cost is relatively high, the production cost of a high-grade property table to spend hundreds of thousands, indicating that the quality of production quality and the sale of the sand table is there is some connection the.

Two see if the word “model” or “effect diagram” and the proportion of the model are marked on the sand table

According to the requirements of the administrative authorities for Industry and commerce, when developers use the model, they must mark “model” or “effect diagram” and so on. The unspoken line of this article is that the sand table model is for reference only. Look at the proportion of sand table size, in addition to determine whether the sand table according to the actual planning proportion of production, you can also calculate the actual size of the scale. House buyers can calculate the floor spacing.

Three see: residential overall planning

Sandbox is the epitome of community, in the sand, cell density is too large, architecture and landscape collocation is coordination and traffic distribution is reasonable, whether the distribution of public facilities, residential humanization and the surrounding environment relations are clear, Beijing in the exhibition industry suggests that these great influence on future living quality is a key factor in the purchase should be considered in the comparison between different projects.

Four see: the open area and building orientation

Most projects are phased development, the overall situation, should focus on building and its surrounding the purchase intention. Building depends on the orientation of the housing lighting, ventilation, etc. is the landscape outside the window, the room standard.

Five view: floor spacing

Survey data show that 23% of people think that the narrow floor spacing will affect the field of vision, 37% believe that will affect lighting and ventilation, 33% believe that the impact of privacy, 7% of people think that there are other effects. 90% of the sand table is to enlarge the distance between buildings. Experts, exaggerating the spacing of the building is a promotional tool developers. In general, people can clearly distinguish each other within 15 meters. Therefore, the low rise residential building spacing should be greater than 15 meters, and those high-rise residential building spacing should be more than 24 meters.

Know the sand table model of proportion, whether there is deviation between the buyers can personally measure calculated according to the sand table of the floor space and the actual floor space; or building height and distance measurement before and after the ratio is appropriate to control in 1:1. If you can enter the construction site, had better be able to stand between the two storied building feel whether there is a sense of oppression.

Six see: green space

A large area of green space is one of the reasons for the pleasure of sand table. In order to attract eyeballs, developers will make a high rate of green sand illusion. Tianjin Central Plains market research data analysis center market researcher Zhang Yu suggested that buyers, be sure to ask the green sand table and the actual construction is consistent, necessary, specific greening area and distribution must be included in the contract.

Seven look inside traffic

The traffic in the district can be divided into two categories: pedestrian vehicle diversion and pedestrian vehicle mixing. The rationality of the internal traffic is critical to the safety of the living and the tranquility of the environment, which is also easy to overlook in the house. Property buyers to inquire about the District, including what measures on the traffic, how to plan the car in the District, flow and so on.

Eight see: the specific location of public facilities

In order to beautiful, often put sand area within the substation, trash, septic tanks, water pump room, gas room, underground garage entrance, hidden, fuzzy or offset, such as the use of green instead. Look at the sand table, be sure to ask these public facilities in the specific location, height and distance of the storied building, especially to consider the lower house buyers, because the sand table models is down, and the actual will head up these public facilities, will appear because of too high or too near the window of the landscape effect.

Nine see: unclear building within the district

Often see some sand made of transparent organic glass box, they may be public facilities within the District, may also be planning in building. These unknown buildings are likely to become a reality in the future, and have negative impacts on residential life, such as promises that green space with planning has become a tall building. Therefore, the research of Tianjin Zhongyuan market data analysis center market researcher Zhang Yu in this special remind you, must give the third degree, and the “uncertainty” in the contract, a binding to developers.

Ten look around

Developers in the sand table model on the development of specific scenarios interpretation is effective, outside the building is invalid, or can not be involved. That is to say, even outside the railway, high voltage lines, television tower, garbage transfer stations, even if developers do not inform, property buyers can not tell developers fraud. Sand table will often surrounding public land, other real estate for their own, property buyers to the sales staff to understand clearly. The surrounding matching is a selling point of real estate, but also the developers will focus on marking in the sand table. Generally speaking, a larger community should be surrounded by schools, and the distance from the school should be about 300 meters; supermarkets, food markets and other clothing