1, flexible grasp of architectural model

The building frame is built according to the drawings of the building. According to the established proportion, the wall of each facade is made up by hand or computer engraving machine, and then spliced. Its color and texture selection is a key link. And real exterior wall decoration materials. Model the main muddy model, it is a separate learning, new art form is wise. Sometimes, the facade color of the model seems to be judged by the imagination, but a balcony window with the upper model will be much better. Put the model on the chassis, with green plants with a more overflow, which is the model making art of bright and weakening and other artistic techniques.

In addition, some units of love with computer renderings according to textbooks, it is one-sided, easy to find feel. The color of the computer effect diagram is continuous, the relationship between the light and shadow is changed, and the selected part is only reasonable in the computer effect diagram. Because the colors in the model are completely different from those in the computer renderings, the reverse principle of light is also different. In the reference color this point, the use of computer renderings is to display the relationship between colors, the business depends on the model of art creators own control level.

2, the principle of freehand brushwork in environmental landscape

For the landscape part of the environment, the willingness is also made according to the design. But in the performance of tree species and the color of flowers, we should take a good grasp of the main performance of the tree species freehand brushwork, the color of flowers mainly focus on the performance of aesthetic feeling. For example, the colors of the flowers could bloom in the actual landscape, contrasting colors, red, yellow, green, blue, but in the model of the real performance will be very messy, but not beautiful, not true. Therefore, the reality of the scene and model of the scene like and not like the problem itself is a kind of contradiction and unity, like acme is not like, like like like the as, its core is should seize a “God”, exactly show the style and characteristics of green environment is the purpose.

3, the principle of light primary and secondary stratification

Lighting should be carried out according to the characteristics of the scene. Residential buildings, water lighting, try to use warm colors, evergreen trees in the background of cold light source; street lamps and garden lights should be uniform in the day, arranged in accordance with certain laws. As far as possible the color of the project is rich, the layer is more, in order to foil the whole environment atmosphere. Need to emphasize one point, it is important to grasp the degree, avoid all Tongliang, causing some parts surrounding instead took the theme of brilliance. With the scenery is the scene, the protagonist is the protagonist, no choice, there is no focus, there is no successful model.

4, the principle of good taste set off

Handicap, refers to the final closing, model frame, bottom table, glass and other packaging parts. Closing case scale, and other signs must be appropriately. The frame, the bottom table, the glass cover and so on have no formulary, the key depends on the size of the model, the height of the building, the color and the style of the green, the factor of the ground to make, and so on is harmonious, beautiful, generous is appropriate.