This 1:100 full-detail section model of CanaryWharf Underground Station was made at Amalgam Modelmaking Ltd and includes featuresright down to posters, adverts and tube mapsmounted on the walls. Commissioned by LordFoster for the Norman Foster Foundation, themodel was specifically built to be displayedalongside models of other signature buildings by the practice. The highly detailed 3m long modelwas finished in a subtly realistic palette andfully illuminated. The model has 800 individualstainless steel plates attached to the escalatortreads and 70 vacuum cast resin ceiling panelsto replicate the cast concrete slabs in the existingstation. The entire roof of the station is laid outas a landscaped park; the only visible station elements are the swelling glass canopies thatcover its three entrances and draw daylight deepinto the station concourse. At 300 metres (984 ft)in length the building is as long as Canary WharfTower is tall. The robust aesthetic is achieved bya simple palette of hard-wearing materials thatcreate the dramatic atmosphere.