Why can electronic building models make real estate more complete?

At present, competition in the real estate industry is fierce, and buyers are increasingly demanding houses. Catering to the needs of consumers is our most fundamental foundation. Such a sand table model is valuable only if it caters to the needs of consumers. If the market does not recognize such a sand table model, the sand table model will have no meaning. For example, buyers have certain requirements for geographical location, community size, environmental beautification, and house style. The use of electronic sand table can make real estate information more complete display. Why can the electronic sand table make real estate more complete display?


Building model


1: Comparison between traditional methods and electronic sand table

Traditional advertising methods such as floor books and banners limit the presentation effect of new real estate, but the emergence of digital sand tables allows housing information to be displayed in detail. Since the emergence of the digital sand table gets rid of the traditional propaganda and planning model of floor books and banners, it can display the basic information of new real estate more visually, more conveniently and comprehensively. Because of the virtual nature of the digital sand table, there is no need to wait for the new The real estate will be displayed after the actual completion. According to the engineering drawings of the real estate, the scene after the completion of the real estate can be simulated according to the three-dimensional animation, which means that the publicity and planning of the real estate has the initiative.


Building model


Two: The advantages of electronic sand table are more obvious

The advantages of the digital sand table depend on the multi-faceted publicity planning of the real estate without completion, plus explanations, simulations of life scenarios and special effects, so that the audience can remember the real estate more vividly. Digital sand table fusion 3D animation production is used in the production process of architectural performance, virtual reality technology, and film and television production scenarios. It overcomes the flat and reasonable layout of design renderings, and uses excellent animation skills to closely integrate film and television production skills.