Why are there obstacles to the development of the architectural model market?

At present, the development of the domestic architectural model market is hindered, because architectural models have not received due attention. A high-quality architectural model is a work of art because it has a certain ornamental value. When the architectural model is placed in the exhibition area, it can bring business opportunities. Because the appearance of the building model and the structure of the house layout can be clear at a glance, for consumers, this is a more intuitive understanding of what they need to buy a house. But in fact, according to the actual situation, it can be seen that there are certain obstacles to the development of the architectural model market. This article briefly talks about why the development of the architectural model market is hindered?



Building model


The market is not standardized, and its main manifestations are in three aspects.

One is the lack of authoritative and standardized prices. There is no consistent price regulation in the industry.


The second is that the quality of the practitioners is uneven, and the turnover of the staff is repeated. It is impossible to ensure the quality model of each batch number.


The third is an industrial system with loose management methods. Industrial production is not specific, consistent product quality standards, and whether model materials are standardized. The key raw materials of technical professional architectural model design enterprises generally use ABS board. It is the original ABS board, but it is also a cost-effective and poor-quality purchase ABS board for some large enterprises. This will inevitably result in the quality of architectural models that are not enough.


Building model


Discerning developers before they had no houses, their models were the first to lead to social development. According to various news media, such as: real estate industry exhibitions, real estate fairs, architectural planning and design competitions, press conferences, etc. Of people understand this situation. This has established a good basis for future prices. In today’s period of rapid development of social development and economic development, the key architectural model is the full play of practical business and plastic arts is well known.