Which material is better for making garden landscape models?

The garden landscape model should be made with a sand table model dominated by the green garden environment, which is quite different from other models. Therefore, in the selection of materials, we must pay more attention to the fact that different materials have different layers, and the actual effect of the garden landscape sand table model will be different. So, which material is better to make a garden landscape model? To make a landscape garden model, you must choose according to the material characteristics:


One: clay, plastic and polyester

Soil usually cannot be used as a functional model material. Plastic and polyester models require a lot of time, a lot of machinery and equipment and a lot of money. This usually means that if the model is made, it is not easy for the design team to make all the changes.

Two: plastic foam, plastic metal sheet

Model materials that are cheap, time-saving, labor-saving, material-saving, and energy-saving also include plastic foam and plastic metal sheet. At the same time, this material is light in quality, very easy to carry out production and processing solutions, and relatively cost-effective. Only moderate machinery and equipment can carry out production and processing. At this stage, foam materials are increasingly being respected by designers.


Three: paper and cardboard

Paper is an ideal material for grass model or discussion model. Compared with other materials, it can be clipped and quickly glued. In many cases, this is the most practical medium that can be used quickly. Carrying out the design plan and model production, the probability of its main performance is unlimited. Paper can be formed into extremely lightweight construction functions, such as paper kites, ornaments, and handicrafts, or used to build large structures such as packaging and furniture.

Although paper is thin, it has compressive strength. A simple fold can turn paper into a functional material. Its characteristics can therefore accurately describe the shortcomings of the structure in the design. Although paper has a variety of different qualities, its application scope is still limited, and it is not suitable for the production of all types of models.