What will happen if the sand table model is placed incorrectly?

After the sand table model is made, the sand table model making company will transport and install the sand table model according to the specific location selected by the user. However, there is often no attention paid to the placement of this level. What will happen if the sand table model is placed incorrectly? In order to avoid the remaining losses to the company under the same circumstances. Position placement is critical.




1: Construction and construction sand table vegetation is seriously deformed. The problem is not the basic reason, but the lack of light-proof layout.


2: The base of the sand table of the construction company has peeling and the color is dim. The basic reason for its development is that we did not choose moisture-proof placement.




Three: the construction sand table light flicker frequency is small, bright light. Their conditions, because there is no useful basis for current and voltage control, lead to unstable parts of the voltage, forming a local short-circuit fault.


When the company manufactures the sand table model, it must first analyze and introduce a specific working location to the sand table manufacturing co., Ltd., and admit whether we can provide useful construction sand table. According to the specific development of the company, the sand table company will propose to the customer It is recommended to adopt a variety of sand table model placement methods and positions. When customers use the sand table model, it can be more useful to add the use time period of the sand table model.