What should I pay attention to after finishing the architectural model?

When the architectural model is finished, some basic maintenance measures must be taken at this time. Otherwise, no maintenance measures will be taken for the perfect model. Such a building sand table model will also be damaged due to later processing. Once the building sand table model is damaged, it will not only be an external defect such as damage to the appearance, but also use The period is not good, the tiles collapse and cause internal hazards. Therefore, a series of maintenance measures must be taken after the construction of the sand table model is completed.


One: Shipping

The model company must be notified to send a full-time staff to disassemble the model during long-distance transportation or migration.

Two: prevent sunlight

Modeling should not be exposed to direct sunlight, let alone under the sun.

Three: display temperature

For the production of sand table models, the room temperature for modelling should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity should be maintained at 30% to 80%, otherwise the modelling will be freely deformed.

Four: Placement

The room where the modeling is placed should be kept clean and ventilated, and the modeling without glass cover should be cleaned frequently. Modeling should be supervised by full-time personnel, and children should not be allowed to touch the screen to prevent damage.

Five: modeling lighting

The modeling lighting should not be open to the public for a period of time. It should be turned off every two hours. If there is no real water fountain modeling, always check whether there is water (because the water volatilizes frequently). If the water flow is not enough, add water on time. If the fountain does not sprinkle water, the main power switch should be closed immediately, otherwise it will cause damage.

Six: Keep the remote control

Modeling by remote control must be stored carefully and not used repeatedly, otherwise it will easily cause the remote control power circuit to be invalid.


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