What pre-production process does the architectural model go through?

The architectural model is a scaled-down version of architectural academics and is called the architectural art model in the environment. It is a three-dimensional form, allowing visitors to understand the structural characteristics and functional advantages of the building. What pre-production process does the building model go through?


One: Production plan

According to the plan, elevation, rendering and model requirements provided by Party A, formulate the style of the model.

2: Model quotation budget

The budgeter determines the cost of the model and signs the production service order based on the model size, material technology and drawing depth.

Three: The production organization will review

The technical staff will review the analysis drawings that determine the model materials, processes, production plans and performance requirements.


Four: Construction process:

The construction producer shall carry out construction in accordance with the drawings provided by Party A. The effect is as follows:

Based on the principles of authenticity and beauty. All buildings use AutoCAD drawings, computer engraving machines to cut details and hand-bonding construction technicians’ techniques, which not only ensure the quality composition of each building, but also ensure the construction period.

Five: Environmental landscape design and production process:

The overall environment will be controlled by professional landscape architects. Professional production personnel combine drawings and designs according to Party A’s design drawings, and the principle is to reproduce the designer’s design intent. Don’t play around randomly. At the same time, using artificial trees, sketches, sculptures, etc., the entire landscape is beautiful and delicate.

Six: Building environment lighting components:

The lighting system is based on artificially designed and produced trees. Meet the requirements of Party A and reflect the effect of Yeshatai.


Seven: Production completion inspection

The quality inspection department manager and project leader will conduct detailed inspections and follow the drawings. Model installation and commissioning, service personnel will install and clean up at the model display site, and remain satisfied after Party A leaves.