What method is emphasized in architectural model design?

Architectural models belong to the expression form of design, and are used in urban planning and construction, real estate development, commercial and residential market sales, design bidding, and cooperation in investment promotion. Architectural model is a term of architecture, because of its unique abstraction, it mainly shows the actual effect of the interior space of the plan design. Therefore, model making of many units in architecture, overall planning or exhibitions in various countries in the world has become an independent course.


One: Architectural model survey:

To learn an architectural model, you must first know the model. After investigation and careful thinking, there is a basis for independent design. The precedent for learning model may be based on the overall planning of the model and the reasonable layout of the model’s node detailed structure and the technical content of the entity model.

2: Analyze design regulations:

Design regulations are usually clearly put forward by the managers and users of the architectural model based on the main application of the architectural model. In ordinary people’s learning, this kind of regulation usually comes from teachers, who will draw up design plan regulations based on curriculum standards. This stipulates that special attention should be paid to listening to the language of the other party, and it is not suitable to cut off at will, make a concise and clear record in the communication, and then make a summary of doubts or questions, and record the other party’s role, method, and technical explanation.


Three: Drawing and drawing:

The architectural model design drawings must be detailed, and the level of perfection of its content is no less than that of the architectural planning and design plan. The architectural model drawings require creative sketching and construction drawings. The creative sketches can be very casual, but it does not mean random painting. , Every pen must have a practical effect on the design creativity: construction drawings can be hand drawn or Cad, sketchup, Ps and other methods on the computer, but special attention must be paid to the precise positioning of the construction drawings and the careful and meticulous drawing to ensure the building The final actual effect of the model.

Four: Matching of raw materials:

The selection and matching of engineering building model materials is a key step in building model design. The raw materials can be various, but there can only be one purpose, which is to ensure colorful and satisfactory actual effects.


Five: Production and processing:

The production and processing of architectural models requires exquisiteness, carefulness and meticulousness, high precision in cutting raw materials, high precision in assembly composition, and a high degree of coordination between brains and hands during the production process.