What materials are prepared to make the building model to ensure its progress?

It takes a certain amount of time to make an architectural model, because the rigorousness of the architectural model is to make a high-quality architectural model. Before that, no materials were prepared to make the architectural model, and the material preparation was started when it was made. It will inevitably affect the production schedule of the architectural model. The editor of this article will talk about what materials should be prepared to make the building model to ensure its progress?



1. Expand the engineering drawing according to the required proportion. For example, if you want to make a ratio of 1:100, you can zoom into a ratio of 1:100.


2. Dissolve each side of the building, complete the drawing independently, and then copy it out one by one.


3. Paste the copied paper on the paper card, and then cut out the doors, windows and outer frames.


4. Use UHU glue to glue each cut wall.


Need to pay attention to the thickness of the board at each seam.


When making models, different raw materials should be used according to the type of model.


Guangzhou Model Company


main building:

1. Main wall: model-specific “747” ABS polymer material engineering plastic board (thickness 0.8 mm -33 mm)


2. Main glass: model-specific ICI high-transparent organic glass plate (thickness 0.8 mm -1.2 mm)


Floor, hard plastic laying and processing method: LG ABS board for all application models.


Green grassland: model-specific FALLER grassland


Green plants: softened copper wire, high-elastic sponge, high-quality color paste and model-specific FALLER grass powder


Adhesive: high-quality chloroform, Japanese A-A super glue, French UHU glue, spray glue


Scenery vehicles and roles: special model roles, sketches, vehicles, etc.