What layout should be paid attention to when making an architectural model?

The overall sand table model includes all the new project’s construction, natural environment, transportation, etc., with a bright theme and large specifications.


One: Main engineering construction

The façade must be made meticulously, and the yard, living balcony, guardrail, and prefabricated components of the building façade must be reflected to the extreme, fully highlighting the colorful design plan, and the color expression should be delicate.

Two: Garden Landscape

Based on the climate and natural environment of the city where the project is located, develop relative green plants in the garden landscape. The seasons are black and white, highlighting the real effect of the greenery.

Three: Engineering building control module

The light and dark are distinct from black and white, which can be seen from the difference between the main project and the building. The production is generally simple, or the crystal is used to weaken the expression.

Four: lighting effects

The overall lighting effect should be consistent, and focus on the main engineering buildings, commercial pedestrian streets, and halls.

Five: Commercial

It is appropriate to set off a profound commercial service atmosphere and historical and cultural atmosphere. Different decoration designs, advertisements, etc. can be appropriately improved. The cornices, lamp posts, and contour lights of engineering buildings on the building facade can all be shining with bright LED tubes, portraying its exquisite contours, and creating an excellent and lively shopping environment.


The key to the regional model is to mainly show the occupation of the big city of the project and its settlement environment in the future mature period. Special attention should be paid in the production process:

1. Traffic travel network

Highlight the continuity of the main roads of the project’s traffic and key areas of the major cities, such as economic development zones, urban areas, etc.;

2. Settlement atmosphere

The regional model should highlight the effect of the large and medium-sized houses in the vicinity of the project and reflect the maturity of the region. Generally, the projects on sale can be weakened and solved;

3. Living facilities

For example, the outpatient clinics of nearby hospitals, schools, business districts, etc. should be highlighted, expressing the residents’ micro-life in the future 5/10/30 minutes;