Ancient architectural models are a kind of architectural models. Different from modern buildings, they are more particular about production techniques. Ancient architectural models have strict requirements for painting, carving, coloring, and detail processing. For example, the Grand Canyon Model Company used elements such as corridors, pavilions, buildings, and pavilions in the production of the Sunac Peach Garden architectural model project, absorbing the essence of traditional gardening in Suzhou and inheriting the garden-style house concept of Jiangnan Habitat. The artistic techniques are embellished and arranged in a limited space. Through the traditional techniques of Suzhou gardens, the Chinese-style garden courtyard villas are integrated with the environment, and the ideal state of the integration of the house and the courtyard is realized.

1. Design and drawing
When designing ancient architectural models, the most important thing is to grasp the overall relationship. The so-called grasping the overall relationship is to control the selection, production process and production depth and other elements from a macro perspective according to the style of the ancient architectural model. When grasping the overall relationship, it is also necessary to consider the part of the architectural design. Because any ancient architectural model is generally formed by different combinations of several points, lines, and surfaces. But from a local perspective, there are individual differences in shape. And this individual difference will restrict the selection of architectural model making technology and materials. Therefore, when designing ancient architectural models, we should pay attention to the comprehensive consideration of local individual differences.

2. Material selection and production
The materials for making architectural models are mainly three categories: paper, plastic and wood. Different types of architectural model making materials will be different. When making ancient architectural models, wood (balsa wood, aviation formwork) is generally used as the main material. Using this material to make ancient architectural models has the effect of homogeneity and structure. At the same time, from the perspective of processing and production, it is also conducive to the performance of ancient buildings. But this kind of architectural model uses the natural color of the material itself, and does not do the surface color treatment in the later stage. If you want to express the color effect, you still need to use plastic materials.

3. Coloring and perfection
The color of ancient architectural models uses different materials or simulation techniques to convey color effects. The color of the building model is different from the color of the physical building. From a practical point of view, there are two main forms of color expression of architectural models, one is to use the color of the building itself, and the other is to use various paints for surface coating. In the production of ancient architectural models, color processing can be carried out according to specific architectural models.