What are the simulation materials commonly used in sand table models?

The sand table model simulation emphasizes the production process of the effect more. If you want to get the simulation results of the sand table model, in addition to having superb model making skills, you must also pay attention to the choice of model materials. Many material simulations that look lifelike will have a good helper for making sand table models, and make good use of it to achieve unexpected results. What are the simulation materials commonly used in sand table models?



One: surface glue

Surface glue, also known as A and B water, is a two-component resin material, which has an excellent effect when imitating the surface of the water.


Two: metal materials

Metal materials include: steel, copper, lead sheets, pipes, and wires. This material is usually used in the manufacture of local buildings, such as: construction lines, columns, grid wall angles, and construction handrails.


Three: single-sided metal plate

Single-sided metal plate is a composite structural material with a variety of different colored plastic plates as the base and various research metal coatings on the surface. It mainly includes metal nanomaterial components used to improve the building facade and large-area glass curtain The production. The metal coating on the surface of the plate has a variety of effects, the simulation technology is high, and it is easier to use than pure metal as a material.


Four: flocking and paste in time

It is a decorative material with suede surface. The color of the material is less. In model making, green is the main one, and it is generally used to make large areas of green space.


Five: two-color board

The two-color board is a composite substrate and a surface composite board composed of two different colors of plastic materials. This type of board has many varieties and high simulation. In model making, it is mainly used to simulate the local effect of stone.



Six: Exquisite indeed

Exquisiteness is indeed a new modeling material. It is a metal coating on the skin of a plastic material with various substrates, composite materials. The surface of the material has been prepared with some divisions of metal coating in different ratios, alkali and adhesive, that is, having and sticks can be very convenient to use. In addition, due to the thin thickness of the material, the production of arcs does not require special treatment, and the degree of curvature can be completed by itself, which is ideal for manufacturing glass curtain walls.


Seven: timely post

Timely paste is a kind of decorative engineering material with extensive application research. The material is very rich in varieties, specifications and colors. It can be used to make details of development roads, water surfaces, greening and the main body of the construction market.


Eight: artificial turf

Simulation turf is a special material for green model construction. Material texture, color fidelity, ease of use, and high degree of simulation.


Nine: Styrofoam

The research of foam plastic can be mainly used for the production of green working environment.


Ten: Outline

The outline of the building model is initially processed into materials of various shapes and sizes. In the sand table model making, it can be used directly.