What are the requirements for making exhibition hall sand table models?


The sand table model of the exhibition hall that we all see most often is the model seen in the sales department when buying a house. The quality of the model has a relatively large impact on the display. Therefore, where such models are needed, they will make their own requirements when making them. What are the general requirements?


Exhibition hall sand table model


One, beautiful. Whether the sand table model of the exhibition hall is beautiful or not will directly affect people’s impression of what is displayed. Therefore, when making it, we must consider the aesthetics and the workmanship should be as detailed as possible. Only the exquisite sand table model can give people a good impression. Look and feel.


Second, the size should be appropriate. When making the exhibition hall sand table model, we must pay attention to the size and give full consideration to the size of the space to place it. Whether it is a small space or a large sand table, it will give people an uncomfortable feeling. So the size must be grasped well.


Exhibition hall sand table model


Third, the layout must be reasonable. The sand table model of the exhibition hall is generally a one-to-one restoration of the real architecture, so the layout must be reasonable, so that people can clearly see what the whole sand table wants to show.


Fourth, the effect should be realistic. In order to attract people’s attention, some people make the sand table model of the exhibition hall into a dynamic, which will not only make the viewer’s eyes bright, but also leave a deep impression on the viewer.


Exhibition hall sand table model


For those in need, making a sand table model of the exhibition hall can be said to be a very important step. It cannot be ignored. This is like the first step of what to do. If this step is done well, the following things may be quite similar. It went well. The demander can also express his request clearly to the producer, and let the other party give an effect picture first. After the two parties have reached an agreement, go to production.