What are the methods of making garden landscape models?

The making of garden landscape sand table model is a key embodiment of urban park landscape architectural design, urban street community green city design, residential community garden design, and outdoor environmental artistic design for various main purposes. The production of garden landscape sand table model changes the two-dimensional animation image on the design drawing into a three-dimensional three-dimensional shape, and then expresses the design concept more vividly and vividly. What are the methods of making garden landscape sand table models?

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The making of garden landscape sand table model is a physical line produced by a variety of the same or different materials selected by subtraction, addition or comprehensive molding methods. The key method of model making can be classified into additive forming, subtractive forming and mixed forming:

One: Subtractive forming

Subtractive forming and additive forming are conversely. Subtractive forming is to use laser cutting, drilling and other methods to carry out large-scale removal on a certain geometric figure body to remove unnecessary volume that does not conform to the detailed design of the product shape. The correct shape required by the design concept. Its characteristics are from the outside to the inside.

The subtractive molding method usually uses the most easily formed clay, grease, plaster of paris, rigid plastic foam, etc. as the basic materials, and mostly uses hand-made methods, laser cutting, sculpture works, filing, planing, and scraping forming, suitable for making simple modeling .

2: Additive forming

Additive forming is a technique for developing three-dimensional modeling design by adding materials and expanding the scale of modeling design. Its characteristic is to gradually increase the scale of modeling design from inward-looking outward. Make the shape design body into a decentralized three-dimensional figure first, and use accumulation. Relatively compare and determine each other’s parts, and select the splicing method to form a new modeling design entity line after achieving a suitable scale relationship.

Additive forming is usually made of wood, clay, grease, plaster of paris, and rigid plastic foam, and is mostly used to make product modeling with more complicated appearance designs.

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Three: mixed forming

Hybrid forming is a comprehensive forming method, which is the combination and filling of additive forming and subtractive forming.

The mixed molding method is usually suitable to use wood, plastic materials, and metal alloy products as the key materials, and it is mostly used to make product modeling for structural analysis.

In the process of making garden landscape electronic sand table models, in order to present the design concept and its three-dimensional products more realistically and vividly, there is sufficient mastery of the main characteristics, production processes and various models of various model materials. All kinds of special tools and machinery and equipment can bring convenience to production and processing, and can produce modeling solid lines that meet the needs and design requirements, otherwise there is no way to achieve the expected effect.