What are the many factors that affect the tone of the architectural model?

The coloring of architectural models is an indispensable step in the production of architectural models. To assign the color tones is the first priority. When terminating tone demodulation, it is necessary to pay attention to the many factors that harm the tone. If such factors are careless in the tone, it will harm the expression of the tone of the built solid model. The many factors that affect the color of the architectural model?


1. Environmental factors

1. Actual operating natural environment: Actual operating natural environment is the fourth factor that endangers the accuracy of color tone. When terminating tone demodulation, the configuration should generally be terminated on a milky white substrate.

2. Light natural environment: Light natural environment is another key factor that harms the accuracy of color tone. In order to avoid the harm of such factors, the termination of tone demodulation should generally be terminated in a natural environment with abundant light sources and scattered light.


Two: the association of reduction ratio

The limit factor construction solid model and the solid line construction have a completely reduced correlation. The color code given by the general design staff is the color tone defined by the full-scale structure. If this aspect of the color code is used as the basis to demodulate the tones used in the practical activities of building the physical model, it is not possible to express the color tones expected by the design staff. Therefore, when assigning tones, it is necessary to adjust the chromaticity of the tones according to the color scale and the production proportion of the solid model.

Three: spray color

Processing technology factors When terminating the color spraying of structures, the solid model production and manufacturing staff choose various methods and processing techniques to terminate the color spraying in order to make the actual effect of the color of the structure closer to the layering of the construction materials. If in order to pursue the perfect layering of architectural coatings, it is proposed to choose the actual effect of matte to terminate the production. This kind of method can reduce the color tone.


Four: color bar

Hue factors When the tones of the solid model are terminated, the hue’s own factors have a key hazard to the hue. Because the color, purity, and chroma of different tones will form a unique contrast, it will simply harm the visual experience of building a solid model. Therefore, when assigning tones, it is necessary to adjust the chromaticity and purity of the tones to modify the relationship of the tones, and to adjust the expansion and expansion of the visual scale in the construction of the solid model.