The electronic sand table consists of real three-dimensional geographic data and uses advanced geographic technology to dynamically find every point of geographic information in real time. Information such as three-dimensional coordinates, altitude, slope, rivers, roads and various projects and artificial facilities, long-term planning. And through the real-time performance of advanced three-dimensional computer simulation capabilities on the plane, flight trajectory, surrounding flight, engineering facilities query, analysis, and various other intelligent analysis and other economic benefits. For the construction of large-scale water conservancy facilities with units and geographical terrain close to the planned site selection and mobile communications.


Electronic sand table model


What are the characteristics of the electronic sand table?

1: Accurate terrain information

The national standard topographic map establishes a digital ground model, which can accurately restore the topography in proportion;


Two: the ground shows the details

The satellite remote sensing image is used as the ground cover layer, reflecting the same ground shape as the field, and the river, vegetation and local light information are clear at a glance;


Three: Visual performance characteristics

Sensing color images, after a reasonable time zone combination and selection stage, the field can simulate the image to achieve an immersive effect;


Four: Easy to modify and update management

It is easy to add or delete feature information models on the e-commerce sand table;


Five: easy to navigate

You can zoom, roam the three-dimensional electronic sand table, and even simulate the flight of an airplane to observe and analyze a full range of targets;


Six: Retrieval of terrain data

Query the geographic coordinates and altitude of any location;


Seven: Terrain analysis and secondary calculation

The distance, area, and volume above the terrain can be measured, and analysis of the profile, section, submergence, etc. can also be performed!


Eight: Simulation

Can simulate fires, explosions, and route selection and planning at any location;


Electronic sand table model


Nine: Three-dimensional ground facilities

The infrastructure of the house is made into a 3D display;


Ten: Attribute query

You can directly query and various network information on the 3D electronic sand table;


Eleven: Integrated GPS system

Track and dispatch directly on the electronic sand table.