The understanding of the sand table model requires five points of understanding

Many people do not fully understand the sand table model, and the exquisite appearance alone is not desirable. Many sand tables are gorgeous in appearance, but their workmanship is not rigorous, the materials are poor, and the quality is poor. Such a sand table model has no use value. Therefore, to understand the sand table model, there are five points of understanding.


One: The competition in the real estate market is becoming increasingly fierce. As the main marketing tool, the sandbox model represents the project’s developer and brand image, making the sandbox’s position steadily growing.


Two: The sand table model is the first step for customers to contact this project most intuitively, and it is also an important tool of “experiential marketing” that affects sales, so whether the sand table can leave a good first impression on customers and whether the transaction can successfully develop Plays a very important role.



Three: The core content of sand table model making is the concept of visual system, touch, and experience to enable consumers to finally achieve sales goals.


Four: The production technical standards of the sand table model should be consistent with the project management level and the temperament of the development target customer group. Only in this way can we arouse the resonance and psychological communication of the customers of the social target company, and can truly achieve the purpose of “experiential marketing”.



Five: A good sand table model work can not only show the advantages of the project incisively and vividly, but also have good communication with customers in terms of materials, lighting, interaction, etc., and enhance customers’ confidence in project purchases, thereby promoting sales.