The sound and color of the architectural model relies on eight technologies

The architectural model not only depicts a city, but also depicts it vividly. The purpose of the architectural model itself is to use a reduced version of the model to describe a city through language. But how to paint the architectural model depends on eight technologies.


One: water

The method of water is the original development and design of small closed real water system software and the movement of the water surface made by the basic principle of light refraction, which can be lifelike and visualized, mainly showing deep seas, rivers, lakes, streams, waterways, musical fountains, etc. The actual effect of the same water quality.

Two: light

The digital sand table uses the integration of the projector system software and the architectural model, and the lighting effects of the projector can be used to correlate the road network of the physical model of the new project, and the engineering construction management system, resulting in the actual effect of light and shadow. Coupled with the LED cold light system software of the physical model itself, the building model can be transformed into a fantasy indoor space.

Three: dynamic

The selection of a multi-select unique new technology electric solid model technology can mainly express the actual effect of the movement of trolleys, trains, freighters, and transmission gears.

Four: Electricity

The unique power supply circuit can be manufactured and manipulated by different circuit systems in the physical model. The self-innovated power supply circuit is made, which can delicately present the internal stage lighting effects of the physical model in many aspects. The hierarchical programming control panel of the design scheme has completely replaced the traditional lighting control system of the architectural model and improved the stage lighting effect of the architectural model.


Five: sound

The application of multimedia system has greatly promoted everyone’s appreciation of traditional architectural models. The physical model has a unique multimedia system production. The latest news electronic device power chip is selected to introduce the project in detail, and the background music is made into a combination with the physical model. The integrated operating system software allows visitors to know this new project more clearly.

Six: remote control

Artistically and creatively manipulate the motor control and motion system software at will.

Seven: image

Use a projector to project fitness sports objects such as trolleys, trains, freighters, etc. made by electronic computers into the physical model to enhance the sense of movement; make electronic computers in 3D

Dynamic images such as sparks, water flow, clouds and so on are projected into the solid model to set off the atmosphere.


Eight: Three-dimensional simulation

Three-dimensional panorama and virtual roaming are used to make special tools, and two or more photos taken by the camera ring 360 degrees are spliced ​​into an interior image. According to the button on the sand table, or use the laser pointer to click the relative area on the sand table, Establish a multi-directional interactive viewing matching real scene in the projector in front of the sand table.