The selection of materials for the sand table model has been carefully considered.

The choice of making materials is critical to the sand table model. The quality, color, texture and thickness caused by different materials are different in the end. Therefore, the correct material makes the sand table model more suitable. From this point of view, we have concluded that the selection of materials for the sand table model has gone through layers of consideration.




1. Meet the key purpose of model design

The key purpose of making a sand table is to repeatedly scrutinize the design plan or display the results, whether it is used for the internal communication of interior designers or to publish reports? The raw materials are very different, and creators need to master the characteristics of this raw material to facilitate the selection of raw materials.


2. The link of suitable model design

Is the model to be made used to design the conceptual plan link, the promotion link, or the design plan work has ended? Models of different links have their raw materials suitable for application. In the early stage design of the design concept or plan, appropriate selection of raw materials that are easy to produce and process, simple to manufacture, faster, and low-cost; in the process of construction drawing design and results display, appropriate selection of high-quality, long-term storage, and strong Raw materials.




3. Familiar with the characteristics and processing technology of plastics

Model design methods are not available overnight and require long-term accumulation by model creators. This accumulation includes the understanding of the identification and characteristics of raw materials, the mastery of the production process of raw materials, and the work experience of preparing the expected goals of raw materials.


4. Appropriate colors and materials for engineering buildings and natural environments

Each raw material often has its own color tone and layering. When selecting raw materials, the physical characteristics of the raw materials can be used flexibly. Such operations are simple and reflect the artistic beauty of the materials themselves.